Mankulam Service Co-operative Bank
BRN.Office(l): 04864 218215,218133
President(m): +91 9446 800 736
Secratery(m): +91 9447 827 065

Other Services We Provide


Quality products in reasonable price is the motto of NEETHI STORE .A vast variety of consumer items are stocked in the store.All kinds of provisions Tea,Spices,Stationeries,crokkeries,Gift items,Steel,Aluminium items are stocked in the Store.The time schedule of the store is 9.00 AM to 8.00 P.M.


A Co-operative Market is functioning at Anakulam,one of the remote area of Mankulam. All the items of the Neethi Store is also Stocked in the Anakulam Co- Operative Market


During festival season price of consumer items rocket high hitting blow to the people.To curb price rise we interfere markets and sale of vegetables and provisions essential commodities in collaboration with ConsumerFed.


One of the major objective of the Bank`s formation is to help the farmers both in farming and sale of their products. In this regard collection of Black-pepper and Rubber Sheet are doing on every working days. By doing the bank can offer better price for their agricultural products.


Good quality agriculture production best quality fertilizer and pesticides are essential .Keeping in view of this a fertilizer depot is functioning at Mankulam.All kinds of fertilizers and pesticides are available at the depot in a moderate rate.All kinds of modern agricultural tools are also available in the depot.


Truck “swarajmazda” owned by the bank is operated to carry goods both outside and inside to Mankulam Village.Public can approach us for the lorry service as and when required.As per the adjust with running schedule in a moderate rate.


The area of operation of the bank is full-fledged agricultural area. For the development of the agricultural infrastructure a farmers Service Centre is functioning in the bank .Introduction of latest and modern technique in farming and training in modern impulse of agriculture is carried here at regular intervals.


Knowledge is power for that Library is essential .Keeping the view a library is functioning with the head office at Mankulam. Both members and non-members can make use of the library during the working hrs of the bank. Dailies and periodicals are provided in the library. Importance are given to Agricultural Books in the library.


A) Local cheque collection

Cheques and Drafts drawn on local banks received from the accountholders are credited on the same day in the account at free of cost.

B) Out station cheques & Drafts

Cheques and Drafts drawn on outside centers are collected and the proceeds of same will credit in the accounts charging nominally.

C) Cheques purchase System

Local Cheques ,Drafts&Out-Station cheques and drafts are purchased and instant credit in accounts are made to credible customers.

D) Treasury Bills

We under take collection of treasury cheques for our customers

Safe Deposit lockers

We offer safe deposit locker facility to the costumers .Storage facility is there for keeping of valuables at reasonable price .

Auditorium Facility

A well furnished auditorium is constructed adjacent to bank`s head office at Mankulam.both members and non members can avail auditorium facilities at reasonable rent.Advance booking facility is also there.


The Mankulam Service co-operative Bank is formed to help the community through better services for the a wide variety of facilities are designed to assist the customers and public. Have a look at the facilities and services we offer.


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