This is one among the important loan scheme of the bank.This type of loans are useful to House Constructions,House maintenance, Vehicle purchase,Land Purchase. Children`s education etc.The duration of the loan is 12 months to 36 months. The maximum amount under this scheme is 5 Lakhs . For availing loan up to Rs 10,000 .Only members surety is needed .For loans availing more than Rs 10000 security of landed property is needed.

The following documents are necessary for availing loan on the security of land
a) Original Patta/sale deed
b) Prior sale deed
c) Tax receipt (Current Year)
d) Possession Certificate
e) Non attachment Certificate
f) Location Sketch
g) Encumbrance Certificate
h) Legal Opinion
i) Copy of ID card (2 nos)
j) Passport size photos(2 nos)