Mankulam village has history backing more than 100 years .At the time of British rule in India Plantation Companies had their rubber plantations in Mankulam area. At that time therewas a road throu Mankulam,which begins from Aluva that reaches at the famous hill station Munnar.During the year 1924 flood and earth slips the roads linking to Mankulam lost why the Plantation Co`s drop their platations and went back to their native lands.

While tracing the back history of Mankulam the second era of Mankulam begins during the year 1967.A group farmers belongs to Kottayam district mainly from Meenachil taluk came to Mankulam and this land of fascinated them and they acquired land slowly they started agriculture here.On the passage of time more families came and engaged in agriculture sector.

While tracing the hystory The Mankulam Service co-Operative has a humble beginning that it has registered on 28/07/1977 under Kerala Co-Operative Societies Act and .The frontiers aim behind its formation was to help farmers in the village. In the earlier stage the institution strive hard for existence but later 1993`s onwards the bank grew from strength to strength.From rented room On 24/10/1999 the Bank transfer the working in its own building. The same is renovated during 2012. The bank caters to the requirements of a wide spectrum of people. An achievement worth mentioning in co operative sector .No surprise the has awarded the best Co-Operative Bank in Devikulam Taluk during 2010-11 on account of its overall performances and continues up to the current year too.The Bank has on extention counter at Anakulam.8 km away from Mankulam.In the year 2006 the has make a full fledged computerization

What makes us different is the customer friendly policies and approaches .We believe the fact that customer is the king.The staff of the bank do their best for the utmost satisfaction of customers. In its journey top priority is given client satisfaction.